Florida Gladesmen

The Gladesmen Got The Lions On The Run In South Florida

She was a beauty

                                                                                                                                                      Lions On The Run

     As Gladesmen, our goal is to educate our audience and to promote awareness for our beloved Everglades, as well as our beautiful oceans. Well fellow Gladesmen, at this very moment our coastline is being invaded by an alien species, armed with venomous spines, stripes like a tiger, and a mouths to match. These Lions have voracious appetites, and devour everything in their path. With virtually no Florida reef predators to help control their proliferation. Something must be done. Who are these aliens you ask? One would think that they are some creature from another world, but that’s not the case at all. They’re actually one of the most beautiful marine species in the ocean. The LIONFISH originating in the Indo-Pacific, these aggressive fish have actually spread world wide, and an increasing number continue to be found along the east coast of the United States, all along South Florida and well into the Carribean.
     With only a couple species of grouper ever being recorded as preying on these fish and possibly the occasional shark that may bump into one on the reef, Lionfish are practically King of their domain wherever they may roam ( including our South Florida reefs). With the ever deepening concern about the negative impact this invasion is having on our Florida ecosystem, the Gladesmen need your help to spread the word about this beautiful but venomous and dangerous species that must be eradicated from our waters.
     Lionfish, also known as Turkeyfish, Dragonfish as well as Scorpionfish can have a combination of red, white, and black stripes and may carry up to eighteen dorsal spines with venom strong enough to cause humans difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting and in some rare cases even death.Luckily, we Gladesmen have a few weapons on our own to help combat these invaders and their arsenal.(A good set of gloves, a speargun, a pair of scissors, oil and a frying pan). Remembering always to wear gloves while handling these fish, once harvested, the spines should be removed before attempting to fillet. That’s right, I said “FILLET”. Apart from being beautiful, these babies taste fantastic and with some of the top South Florida restaurants adding “Turkeyfish” to their menus, there is now growing hope for our reefs and their inhabitants. Growing up to fifteen inches in their fifteen year life span, adult Lionfish provide decent sized, very tasty fillets to those willing to try them.
     The Gladesmen encourage you to do your part and help us “Tame The Lion” in order to protect our beautiful South Florida reefs for generations to come.   Capt. Mick