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Fishing Report For New River Canal Saturday

Nate Interviews Capt. Bill Fishing On The New River

Captain Bill discusses the fishing condition in the New River over the weekend. He talks about the baits he used, and the fish he has been catching. Time well spent with his daughter and girlfriend. Thanks for the report Capt. Bill.

See You On The Water!


  1. Capt Bill - March 14, 2013 7:19 PM

    Hey Nate just wanted to say great job on the website guys.Hope all is well,we had a good time fishing the ten thousand islands two weeks ago.We caught trout,snapper,grouper and the catch of the day was the three sawfish we caught.I have been fishing and guiding the area since the late eighties and this was a first for me.The diversity of fish you can catch on the west coast is unmatched in my book and they can all be caught on the same bait and tackle.I fell in love with the area after huricane andrew because it was kind of a mess to get down south to flamingo or the keys for a while after the storm.To wrap it up,peace on and offshore,and let your florida soulshine.HMU

    • Florida Gladesmen - March 14, 2013 9:05 PM

      Thanks for the report Capt.Bill! We look forward to more reports from you in the future, and way to go on that Sawfish. Please send any photos of the fish you caught on the trip. I hope you had a chance to say Hey to GatorNate And the Gadezmen while you where there. That is where the Gator roams. Hey guys! We will post any, and all photos with a great picture, and a Gladesmen Stye story to match. So keep Them coming!