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Kissimmee River Hunting Trip

Hunting the Kissimmee River

About two and a half hours north of Fort Lauderdale near the Kissimie River where you can get a group of friends together to do a little hunting. You have plenty of opportunity’s to get into pigs,snipe and some smaller game like squirrels and rabbits.

I started my normal day at work on Tuesday watching the clock slowly tick down to that magical number of 1pm. Once that number hit i was on my way to my buddy Zach’s house to load up the coolers and gear and we were on our way. The conversation in the truck was all about the hunt and making sure we had everything we needed and if we didn’t, well to bad because there was no turning back for us. As we pulled into the gate and started the drive down the dirt road to camp,we saw all the pig sign,rooted up ground along the road and out in the pastures. But of course it was all in the no hunt area but we still had high hopes. So we get to our area to set up camp and rite away we grab our shotguns put on our camo and head out on the north trail. As we started our walk we could hear the area come alive with the sounds of life anywhere from Turkey,Ducks,Owls and many more.But no real sign of hogs. As we continued our walk there was still no real fresh sign of hogs so we decided to turn around and head back to camp since it started to get dark.

When we arrived back at camp we discussed our plan of attack for the next morning over some elk burgers and a few beers,okay maybe a little more than a few beers. The next morning we headed back north along the trail, but this time we headed out into the marsh. There we found a lot better hog sign which made us think they were sticking to the marsh instead of the Hammock,but what really shocked us was the amount of ducks in the area, it wouldn’t have been hard to get limits that day. It started to heat up so we decided to push back to camp,but we would not be coming back empty handed because we smacked a couple squirrels on the way. After our a nice lunch of squirrel,more of our group showed up and we told them about what we saw so far and our plan for the evenings hunt. Around 4pm we headed out again this time we headed south and back into the marsh along the one of the air boat trails. Now there are three air boat trails you can take,one rite at the camp ground area,another about a 1/4 mi south of there and the third is about a mile or so south of camp.

So as we are walking down the air boat trail we see all kinds of fresh sign and we start to get excited. Then we see them,two nice sow along with piglets and two other decent size hogs. Now the adrenaline is pumping and we have to figure out how to put a stalk on them,the wind is in our favor and they are about 300yrds ahead of us. We dropped our packs,got on our hands and knees and started our stalk. As we ease towards them my heart is bating faster and faster as everything starts to fall in place. Now we have closed the gap to about 40 yards and that’s all we were going to get,so we picked out our hogs and steadied our selves for the shot. Zach asked if I was ready and he started the count,1,2,3 BOOM! “Pig Down,Pig Down!” I shouted. We dropped them in their tracks,i hit my with #4 buckshot and Zach got his with a slug. We were tempted to get the other sow because she stayed around after the shots but we knew we had our work cut out for us already. So once we calmed down and the shakes stopped we took a look at what we had at our feet and made a plan on what to do. The best thing to do in this situation was to quarter them out and haul the meat out on the game cart. So as Zach started the process of quartering out the hogs I made my way back to the trail head where we had left the cart and headed back to Zach. When I got back he had everything ready to go,so we loaded up the cart and started the haul back to camp. Once we got back to camp the excitement was high and told everybody about the hunt,which got everybody excited about the up coming days of the hunt.

Capt. Travis




Sweet!Gotta Love This Place, Thanks For The Story Capt.Travis.