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     Fortunately for us Gladesmen, we have the blessing of living our lives in South Florida where we have the luxury of enjoying  our bountiful marsh land as well as great offshore fishing. Florida has long been known as the fishing capital of the world and we Gladesmen definitely take advantage of all the fishing opportunities that come our way. This week we’ll be discussing sword fishing in South Florida and  how there is nowhere else in the world with such great opportunity both day and night time to harvest these fish consistently and so close to shore.
     South Florida boasts some of the most skilled and experienced sword fishing captains and swordsmen in the world.  Many of our captains can offer their clients great opportunities at swordfish sometimes as close as ten miles offshore.  With multiple hookups being a regular occurrence, the allure of catching one of these gladiators of the sea is almost irresistible.  Fighting harder than even our majestic marlin, these kings of the deep can provide the angler with one of the most memorable fishing experiences of their lifetime as well as some of the best table fare in the world.
     Swordfish were hunted commercially for many years and so vigorously in fact that their numbers began to dwindle.  It was not until a  commercial long lining ban (imposed off the coast of South Florida in the 1980’s) that these mysterious beasts began to rebound in numbers.  Now with the swordfish stock reported at or near 100%, South Florida’s east coast in on fire and teeming with swordfish.        Although there is no concrete evidence to the exact migration patterns or habits of these fish,  South Florida’s coast is believed to be a breeding ground and this could potentially be the reason that these fish are found in our waters year round.  Year round fishing offers the chance to fish in the spring and summer when the weather is usually more favorable. Winter fishing usually offers larger fish in my experience but South Florida sword fishing is productive year round.
     Swordfish may be targeted both day and night.  Night fishing consists of a series of staggered lines and baits in the upper 500 feet of the water column while daytime fishing forces the angler to explore the depths, sometimes as deep as three thousand feet.  Whichever your choice, both are very exciting and are guaranteed to get your blood pumping.  That being said, there is also an inherent danger associated with sword fishing and any offshore fishing for that matter.  Safety is imperative.
Good safety equipment and  quality tackle are a must when targeting these leviathans.  These fish will test the best gear and even the most experienced angler so be prepared to “GET IT” when attempting to harvest one of these beautiful beasts.  Sporting a large, double bladed  lance at their front end and an ultra powerful tail at the rear, these fish are a formidable opponent to any and all willing to enter the ocean arena. Battles of two and three hours are not uncommon and some battles have been recorded up to seven and eight hours long.  Swordfish can fight literally to the death and for this reason should be respected for the warriors they are.  Any angler that lands and chooses not to harvest a swordfish should take the time and effort to vigorously revive it in order to ensure it’s survival. ( It is our responsibility as Gladesmen to conserve and protect our resources and proper revival techniques should be practiced and shared with others.)  Releasing a healthy sword into the depths is not only a beautiful sight but a great accomplishment as well.  Their incredible colors and imposing look will burn an image in the mind of the angler not soon to be forgotten.  South Florida offers this great opportunity so get out there and get tight.
     South Florida sword fishing is some of the best in the world so we ask you to join us on  one of the greatest and most memorable adventures on the planet. Get some friends and family together and dare to venture to the deep for an opportunity at the regal and well regarded gladiator of the sea- The Swordfish-.                                                                                                                                              Hurricane Mick
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Thanks Capt. Eddie for all the great memories!


  1. Flat snook - March 7, 2013 10:12 AM

    Great wright up! Lots of good information and it certainly makes me want to get off the couch and go catch one!

    • Florida Gladesmen - March 7, 2013 10:18 PM

      Hey Flat snook!
      Thanks for ‘Getting it!” At the Florida Gladesmen.
      Keep checking in to the site for new and informative articles on sword fishing. Watch as “Hurricane Mick” gets you closer, more in depth on one of his favorite sports, Sword fishing.
      Thanks for your comment, and come back and see us.
      Florida Gladesmen