Florida Gladesmen


How To Hunt Squirrel Gladesmen Style

“Gladesmen” Zach,Travis And Youth Gladesmen Blake Go Looking For “The Big Ol Monster” In Kissimmee River of central Florida. Join them, and see how Blake does on his first Squirrel Hunt. With music by GatorNate And The Gladezmen just sit back, relax, and watch the Gladesmen teach Blake how to…

How To Clean Ducks Gladesmen Style

Gladesmen Capt. Zach from the Broward County chapter, shows you how to clean the ducks he harvested while hunting in the Everglades Of South Florida. With that “Swamp-a-billy” sound…from GatorNate and the Gladezmen, just sit back, relax, and  watch the “Gladesmen Get It!” with “How To Clean Ducks Gladesmen Style!”

Kissimmee River Hunting Trip

Hunting the Kissimmee River About two and a half hours north of Fort Lauderdale near the Kissimie River where you can get a group of friends together to do a little hunting. You have plenty of opportunity’s to get into pigs,snipe and some smaller game like squirrels and rabbits. I…

Closing Day Duck Hunt STA 5 2013

Well it all started the evening of 1-27-2013, the preparation that is. The ever growing group of our Gladesmen have duties to get ready for the next hunt. Bill took it upon himself to cook a whole pig on Saturday afternoon for pulled pork sandwiches’ and backstrap cutlets, for Sunday…